Patient Care

Welcome to Columbia CEAD!

Our center is equipped with culturally sensitive healthcare professionals who will help answer your questions or concerns. We can assist you in scheduling an appointment as well as help you and your family prepare for your visit. 

Even after your first visit, our team will continue to be your contact of support. Whether you and your family need more information about an appointment or a referral to a local Alzheimer's support program, we are here for you. We promise to answer your concerns within 24 to 72 hours. 

We want your first visit to our center to be as pleasant and simple as possible. Here is some guidance on how you can prepare for your first appointment:

  1. Bring your Patient Form filled out and ready for your specialist.
  2. Bring any medications you are currently taking.
  3. If you are new to our hospital and have not had any neurological work up or testing such as MRI, CT, neuro-psychological testing, fax them to us at 212-305-2526.
  4. We encourage everyone to bring family members or someone close to their appointment (spouse, adult children, caregiver, or home attendant). They can help describe any changes you maybe experiencing.
  5. Expect your appointment to be 1 to 2 hours. 
  1. Our specialist will then review the form and discuss your memory, physical and social changes
  2. They will then discuss your personal and family medical history
  3. You will receive a physical and neurological examination
  4. You may be sent for blood testing and brain imaging if further testing needed.
  5. Return for a follow up appointment 1 to 3 months after initial visit and receive a diagnosis as well as a customized treatment care plan and social supportive referrals


We accept all insurance plans and receive funding to help provide affordable care. If you have any questions, please contact the center at 212-305-2316.

Treatment & Care Planning

Following your initial examination, our specialist will refer you to additional evaluations that are required in order to provide you and your family with a complete treatment plan. This additional testing may be arranged the same day (depending on availability) or scheduled separately and may include:

  • Neuropsychological testing to thoroughly assess memory and thinking
  • Laboratory analyses—blood and CSF (for possible nutritional and vitamin deficiencies, thyroid imbalance, inflammation, or infections)
  • Brain structural imaging tests such as MRI or CT
  • Brain functional imaging such as SPECT or metabolic PET
  • Molecular imaging including amyloid imaging PET or ioflupane-SPECT
  • Vascular tests such as carotid ultrasound or MRA
  • Biomarker testing of spinal fluid (CSF)
  • Genetic testing (in consultation with our genetic counselor)

Your results and overall exam will then be discussed with our multidisciplinary team of neurologists, geriatricians, neuro-psychologist, psychiatrist, nurse practitioner, nurses, social workers, genetic counselor and other healthcare professionals to determine the most accurate diagnosis. Following this review, our program coordinator will contact you or the family to scheduled your follow up visit also known as your informing visit.

  1. After completion of the treatment recommendations made during first visit, (such as MRI, labs, CT, LP) patient will see the specialist for a follow up visit usually 1 to 3 months after the first visit.
  2. Patients and/or their caregiver will be contacted 1 to 2 days prior, with an appointment reminder and will be encouraged to attend this appointment accompanied by caregiver, family member or a loved one.
  3. During this visit, the specialist will discuss with the patient and companion results of tests, diagnosis and treatment care plan.
  4. Meet with our social worker to receive counseling, guidance on the managing dementia symptoms and referrals to community support programs.